A Year to Enjoy!

After a very bad year in 2014, the weather in 2015 and 2016 was very good for the grapes that our local wine makers rely on. We can expect some excellent young and aged wines to be released this Spring. The 2016 white Pošip's and Grk's are light and fresh, perfect for summer drinking, particularly with sea food. The red Plavac Mali's will be well balanced and will pair well with tuna, spring lamb, and wild boar. The aged wines have excellent balance and complexity. There will also be some surprises with new wines from several of our producers. A new version of Statut, made with Pošip grapes by Luka Krajančić, is elegant, complex, and beautifully balanced. It sets new standards for what can be done with the Pošip grape. With seven to ten of the best wineries in Croatia in Korčula and the Pelješac we expect our wine list willbe the strongest ever!




The story is slightly different for our three gold medal winning olive oil suppliers. An infestation of fly in 2016 did a lot of damage to the crop and the harvest last autumn was well down. This will result in restricted supplies this year, particularly of the Orgula variety. Nevertheless, Chef Marko Gajski was very impressed with the quality of what he tasted on a recent visit to Eko Škoj (seen above with the owner Dijana Marović). As the name suggests, Eko Škoj’s production is strictly organic and uses traditional cold pressing techniques. Our other medal winning olive oil producers, Miloš and Torkul, have also produced excellent oils.

We are now looking forward to spring and the richness it produces. Wild Asparagus and herbs from the mountains and islands, rock samphire from the shores, fresh young broad beans, spring lamb and goat, wild boar, and the great variety of produce from our local seas.